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Title: Golden Fall
Artist: Belova Margarita
Size (cm): 4x11x2
Size (in): 1.5x4.25x0.75
Price: $965.00 SOLD!


This box is painted by  well-known Fedoskino artist Margarita Belova.
Popularity of Belova is growing and  her boxes  are in a great demand! Belova likes to paint portraits, romantic scenery and scenes from peasant life.
Here is a good example of her artistry!
This box is called "Golden Fall" and shows us a young lady dressed in old traditional Russian dress standing in between several young Maples and holding “golden” Maple Leaves in her hands.
Details of a dress are amazing, the folds of it are painted with very thin details!
The box's exterior is traditionally black, but there are golden leaves decorates the sides of the box. The composition is decorated with golden scan patterns (made of tiny shapes hand punched from golden  metal sheets, and then glued to the box manually).
The box's interior is traditionally red.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. It has a hinge from the left of the scene, and rests on a flat bottom. Signed with the name of the village Fedoskino, the title and the artist's name on the right side of a lid.
Highest quality of painting! Highly recommended for any collector!

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