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Title: A Basket of Mushrooms
Artist: Danchenko Taisiya
Size (cm): 5x5x7.5
Size (in): 2x2x3
Price: $850.00 SOLD!


This interesting work has been created by Taisya Danchenko from the village of Fedoskino. The box repeats the shape of a basket filled with mushrooms. Its entire surface is painted so that the box looks like a basket.
The box's sides and exterior bottom imitate the texture of a basket made out of flexible twigs; on the box's sides Danchenko also paints various grass, mushrooms and a snail to create the illusion that the basket is put on the ground in the forest; here you can also find the edges of the multicolored kerchief put under the mushrooms to keep the basket clean. On the box's lid the artist paints various mushrooms gathered by a mashroomer, and a branch of the rowan tree that looks as if it fell accidentally on the mushrooms.   
To paint this work Danchenko has used various shades of brown oils, and gold metal paint as an underlayer for the oils. Gold paint shines beautifully through the oils, and the box looks festive and appealing. More festivity comes from gold metal leaf that shines through the leaves of the rowan tree branch and some grass.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. The lid is hinged at top, and the box rests on four legs. The interior is covered with red lacquer. Signed with the artist's name, the title ("A Basket of Mushrooms"), Fedoskino, and the year of 2006 on the box's exterior bottom.

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