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Title: The Royal Family
School: Fedoskino
Artist: Usachov Igor
Size (cm): 11.5x11.5x3.5
Size (in): 4.5x4.5x1.25
Price: $850.00
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This box shows us a part of the Royal family of Romanovs-Nicholas and Alexandra and Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna. The painting is done by a talented Fedoskino artist ,Igor Usachov.
Nicholas II was the last Tsar of Russia, Grand Duke of Finland, and claimed the title of King of Poland. His official title was Nicholas II, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias.
His wife, Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova was Empress of Russia as spouse of Nicholas II.
Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna was born in the 1st of November 1864 and married to Russian Grand Prince Sergey Alexandrovich. She was killed with other memebers of Royal family on the 18th of July 1918 near Alapaevsk (Siberia, Perm region, Russia).
The portraits are painted in the realistic style against the black background.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. Black lacquer is used to paint the exterior of the box while red lacquer completes the interior of the work. The box's sides are decorated with rich silver scan patterns. Scans are individual silver punch-outs that are applied to the box surface.
On the box we can find the names of Nicholas, Alexandra Elizabeth and their Royal code of Arms.
A hinge is fastened to the top of the scene, and the box rests on a platform with wavy legs. The work is signed at the bottom with the artist's name.

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