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Title: At the Market Place/Yarmarka
School: Kholui
Artist: Kosterina Olga
Size (cm): 38x18x11.5
Size (in): 14.75x7x4.5
Price: $1,750.00
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This box showing Market Place or Yarmarka (in Russian) was painted by a talented Kholui artist Olga Kosterina. The box is consist of three large compartments that opens from the top and one drawer on the front side.
This theme is traditional for Russian lacquer miniature art and very popular among modern artists. We can see a lot of sleighs painted on the top of the box. People are trading, bargaining, selling all the goods that they produce. On the sides of the box we can see the couple and another coupleis singing songs with the accompaniment of harmony player.
Blue and green tones dominate this scene. On the back side we can see traditional troyka- the three hoses that are pulling the sledge. Gold paints are used to detail the sledge, the steeds' harness and some other elements. Everything in the picture is in the motion. Fantastically beautiful, multi-colored, fairy horses with slender legs and swan-like necks are flying; their undulating tails and luxuriant manes are streaming in the wind; the flakes of snow are whirling and curling everywhere.
The box is constructed out of paper-mache. Intricate rich patterns decorate the sides of the box. The interior of the box is red, while the exterior bottom are covered with back lacquer. The three lids are hinged, and the box rests on four legs. The work is signed with the artist's name, the village of Kholui and the title "Market place" on the extrior of the middle lid.

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