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Title: "Beloved land..."--Russian poet Sergey Yesenin
Artist: Moshkovich Vladimir Kapelievich
Size (cm): 20.5x14.5x4.5
Size (in): 8x5.75x1.75
Price: $1,100.00 SOLD!


This interesting work has been painted by the famous Mstera artist Vladimir Moshkovich. It is created to pay homage to the Great Russian poet, Sergey Yesenin, whose fame in Russia can be compared with the fame of Alexander Pushkin.
Sergey Yesenin, the son of Russian peasants, was born in the village of Konstantinovo, Ryazan Region, on 21st of September, 1895. When he was seventeen he moved to Moscow where started working as a proof-reader. He began writing poetry and was a great admirer of Alexander Blok. His first volume of poetry "Ritual for the Dead" was published in 1916. He supported the October Revolution as he believed it would provide a better life for the peasantry. This was reflected in his volume of poems "Otherland" (1918). He soon became disillusioned and began to criticize the Bolshevik government and wrote poems such as "The Stern October Has Deceived Me". In 1922 Yesenin married the dancer Isadora Duncan and accompanied her on a tour of Europe. Often drunk, his smashing up of hotel rooms, received a great deal of publicity in the world's press. Yesenin returned to his homeland in 1923 and published "Tavern Moscow" (1924), "Confessions of a Hooligan" (1924), "Desolate and Pale Moonlight" (1925) and "The Black Man"  (1925). Later Sergey suffered a mental breakdown and was hospitalized. He was released and on 27th of December, 1925, then he cut his wrists, wrote a farewell poem in his own blood, and hanged himself. Much of his works was banned during the rule of Stalin. His complete works were republished in 1966.
Yesenin loved Russia with all his heart, and very often he extolled its beauty in his poems. This work is based on his famous poem "Beloved Land

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