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Title: Icon Never come empty cup
School: Kholui
Artist: Rizhskaya Valeriya
Size (cm): 14.8x18x2.3
Size (in): 5.75x7.25x1
Price: $750.00
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Talented Kholui artist Rizhskaya Valeriya from the village of Kholui has painted this colorful icon of never come empty cup.
The icon helps people stop drinking alcohol and quite tobacco smoking. Icon has appeared the first time in town of Serpukhov (Moscow region, about 100 km to the south from Moscow).
This icon has been painted in the village of Kholui on the wooden base. According to the tradition of Russian icon painting, the work is painted in egg tempera paints and detailed with brilliant gold paint. The leaves of gold is also used to create a frame around the depicted icon.
Very often Palekh, Mstera and Kholui artists paint icons, and this decision isn't influenced by a fashion or a public demand. It is a century-old tradition. The schools of Palekh, Kholui, and Mstera appeared under the influence of icon painting.

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